Fionn by Roibeard Csengeri


If you love Dante, you need to read this!

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“Fiona daydreaming, and what a dream, or a gleeful and terrible nightmare, ripping off saints’ lives, parodies full of eating and drinking, incorporation and expulsion, mutilation and veneration — a modern-day vision text surrounding the expulsion of a ‘demon of gluttony’ bellowing and belching forth mendacities… The narrative runs its changes on Irish mythic frameworks, not like the nationalist revivalism of Yeeats, but as part of a broader index of post-credit crunch ennui and despair in both Ireland and England — continuing abuses of power from the tentacular dregs of oppressive and abusive religious forces and contemporary conditions of urban scraping by. From the psychiatrist’s couch to the Big Bang, from the delirioum of a grotesque heaven that is hell to the diurnal delirium of the pub: boredom, tedium, oppression, an inverse-paean to a land left behind. Like its subjects, it is necessarily bitter, necessarily cruel, it spews on itself and it spews everywhere, detailing a chain of abuse coming from complicit moral fury. And it ends with the most extreme re-write of Dante you’ll find this side of anything, damning itself and everyone else from within the deepest, most basic and daily circles of hell.” — David Grundy


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