London Bride by John Gibbens


A book that will certainly be recognised as a landmark publication in the English tradition of ‘London Visionaries’.

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“A visionary journey evoking London by turns as Babylon and Jerusalem, London Bride is born of this city’s bone and marrow. Standing on the shoulders of Blake, Eliot and Joyce, Gibbens’ poetry is deliciously playful intensely musical and, in short a psycho-geographical masterpiece.” – Helen Moore

“John Gibbens was a reticent poet largely uninterested in reputation, but he was one of the finest, right there in the tradition of London visionaries. he isĀ interĀ alia a a poet of urban landscape. His eye for detail is superb; his critique of wealth, power and architecture as visible politics, exacting; his scope ranging from tiny flower to geologic speed.

William Blake is close to him, John Clare too, and David Jones. He died far too young. ‘London Bride’ the long sequence that rounds off and titles this book, places him firmly and well among the great poets of contemporary London.” – Stephen Watts


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