The Cursory Epic by Stephen Mooney


In Stephen Mooney’s Cursory Epic, the fate of the Big Society is in your hands!

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The Cursory Epic – in which YOU are the hero! Drawing on language, imagery and the distinctive “multiple-choice” format employed in eighties fantasy fiction and RPG, Stephen Mooney’s The Cursory Epic takes the reader on a socio-political nightmare adventure – from the Shumanti Hills (where the reader will be faced with tricks and fantasy as venture capitalism) to Khare, Cityport of Traps )where every doorway and alley may conceal the Coalition Agreement). 

Will you secure The Cursory Spellbook required to bring order to the United Kingdom? Or will you fall prey to the Seven Serpents? The legendary grasp or is it? In this late modernist pic, YOU are Porky George Osborne(Hero) – and the fate of the Big Society is in your hands.

(Oh – and Rihanna Worships the Devil)


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