*Not Suitable For Domestic Sublimation by Jennifer Cooke


This is Jennifer Cokes first poetry collection – an essential read!

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*not suitable for domestic sublimation is Jennifer Cooke’s first poetry collection and features poems written over the last six years that engage in various ways with radical politics; gender norms; personal and corporate self-actualisation (and Cooke’s hatred of such discourses); sexuality; town centres; and some of the ideas of the French Freud, Jacques Lacan.

The books include “Steel Girdered Her Musical: in several parts”, originally made for performance with music by Adam Robinson. This twelve-part poem-sequence at the heart of the collection centres on the possible impossibility of a revolution beginning at South Mimms Service Station, a motorway convenience situated on the M25 and the A1 (M) near London.

Passionately, irreverently, obliquely, it explores the relationships between theory and praxis, art and revolution, anonymous space and potential resistance, and the force of rhetoric operating within these fields, themes that are also echoed by other poems in the book.


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