Of Parasites & Proximities by Eleanor Perry


Three sequences in a comprehensive guide to worms, corpses and corporate finance. 

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Of Parasites & Proximities brings together three sequences in a comprehensive guide to worms, corpses and corporate finance. 

i hope you are well & thriving is a cross-section of the body’s vulnerabilities and resistances under financial capitalism. Exploring finance’s co-opting of corporeal language, and the hidden violences within currency itself, the sequence shifts mode from frenzied corporate manual to subjective etymological unravellings to language’s breakdown under the pressure of the histories we carry in our pockets.

little industry of worms is a lament in three voices: the mythological figure of Baubo (aka Iambe), who represents the ludic expression of the feminized body; an antiphonal chorus; and a rhetorical herdsman figure. The five-part sequence combines haunted and infested visuals with fragmented articulations to turn gendered pastoral conventions—and the male gaze upon which they hinge—inside out within a contemporary frame.  

Finally, molt performs disintegrations and re-constellations of etymological and mythopoetic phenomena. Peeling back the layers of association between the insect and the ‘feminine,’ the sequence unfolds the gendered power dynamics, excisions and social conventions embedded within language. Asking whether it is possible to shed linguistic skin, molt attempts a process of renewal and transformation to regenerate and reform old structures and identities.


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