Speedometry by Andrzej Sosnowski (Translated by Rod Mengham)


An extraordinary and expert translation by the poet Rod Mengham.

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“Never to say anything the reader might already know, never to say anything that might sound familiar: to achieve these goals Andrzej Sosnowski must, first of all, keep surprising himself by insisting on words’s freedom, or obligation, to surprise. For a poet the stakes in such a pursuit could not be higher and the risks Sosnowski takes account for much of the existential drama of his poems. Mastering the unpredictable might seem an illusion or vain paradox – until we read Sosnowski’s poetry.” — Tadeusz Pioro

“Andrzej Sosnowski is a brilliant poet, in this powerful book we find private corners of sovereignty revealed; we experience this ‘real’ condition of being through a super-charged linguistic awareness of self and state, word and world, self and word, and all of it happening within the true estate of the lyric. It is a significant occasion to have these poems rendered in such extraordinary and expert translations by the poet Rod Mengham.” — Peter Gizzi


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