The Prism Walls by Marc Atkins


The Prism Walls by Marc Atkins is an exhilarating and adventurous piece of work.

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“The Prism Walls” is an intense, sustained and unified tour de force. Atkins’ work gets more and more adventurous, taking more risks, but also more finely calculated risks, and the result is exhilarating. The power of the writing derives from the way an elemental landscape is merged with elemental conditions of dwelling while being overlaid with the language of phenomena that belong to lens and screen technology.” — Rod Mengham

“I enjoyed The Prism Wells throughout. I particularly took pleasure in the seamless transitions from the verbal to the bodily &/or material (words morphing into smoke, light, shadows, breath, …). A closer reading reveals the intricacies and deaths of individual pieces. There are some truly unbelievable compositions that stand out. – “A Walk Across An Empty Carpark” (which reminds me of DeLillo at his very best) and “1919” being one of my favourite ones among the short pieces, “Island” and “The Prism Walls” among the longer sections.” — Michel Delville


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